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I met Joyce at her open house 2 weeks ago on 2027 Via Cerritos listed for $4.57. Joyce was absolutely professional and kind broker. The time I met her the house was available but I 'm now thinking about writing back up offer. The Estate she represent was amazing with ocean view. It  was one of the most beautiful home in PV Estates with 180 degree ocean view wish amazing garden. She was very kind and her negotiation skills were EXCELLENT. I knew she would get a multiple offers. Back up offer buyer for 2027 Via Cerritos

- jpcpa


08/03/2015 - jamiechang0179

Worked with Joyce in Oct 2014  in   Hancock Park Los Angeles, CA.

We worked with Joyce for few months before finding the perfect Home . I remember that the most important aspect of our relationship was that she did not pressure us to buy any home. Rather she was providing right information and was very instrumental in identifying issues of buying home.

Highly likely to recommend


- Jamie C

Joyce was helpful in acquiring a property located at Hancock Park. She was also assisted us in leasing the same property for 2 years. She is very knowledgeable about the local real estate market. I was very impressed with her willingness to do more than what is required as a real estate  professional.


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