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In today's highly competitive LA County real estate market, pricing your home RIGHT is critical. Price it too high and your home will frighten away potential buyers and languish on the market. Price it too low and you forfeit your hard-earned equity. When you request your Home Evaluation CMA, you benefit from receiving a comprehensive market analysis based on comparable recently sold homes and homes sold with similar features and conditions in your area. Our Home Evaluation CMA delivers superior results - Results you can count on!


The information you provide will enable our listing agent to begin the comparative market analysis. In order to complete the analysis, we will contact you to learn more about your property.

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주택을 파시는분은  집이란  소중한 최고의 자산이며 

돈으로 계산할수 없습니다. 

셀러는  집 가격을 롶여  최대한 이익을 남기시려고 하고   바이어는   가격을  좀더 좋은가격에 사려고 하시지요.

콜드웰벵커 부동산 브로커 조이스김은   CMA  보고서 :  Competitive Market Analysis라는 전문 자료를 통해 바이어 셀러 모두에게 fair 하고 안심할수있게   현실적이고 합당한  가격 정보를 제공하고  이 전문 자료는  아래 정보들로 이루어 집니다.

현재의 주위에 나와있는 매물 : 현재 귀하의 주택과 경쟁이 될 만한 매물들의 자료 . 경쟁조사. 

최근 거래 매물 : 이 자료는 실질적으로 바이어들이 지불한 유사주택의 가격을 조사 한 내용. (6개월~1년자료) 

에스크로 와  Pending  Offer 매물 :  현재 오퍼가 오간  혹은 에스크로중인  action 이 있는 매물가격 조사분석   

취소된 딜 자료 :  귀하의 집주변에  에스크로에 들어갔다가 취소되고  성사되지 않은매물   

참고로   CMA  자료는   미국에서  주택의 가격 산정을 위해  가장많이 쓰인는 전형적인  방법이며    

CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)  라 합니다.     

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

CMA  A Comparative Market Analysis is an evaluation of similar, recently sold homes.  

당신이 집을 파시려고 리스팅을 하실때   당신의 홈 발류 (Home Value)  와  권리를 책정하는 것은 중요합니다.   너무 높은 가격 은  잠재적 인 구매자를 멀리하게 하고  너무 저렴한 가격 책정은  당신이 힘들게 이루어온 자산과 자본을  많이 잃게 됩니다.      당신의 집 평가 CMA를 요청할 때, 당신은 당신의 지역에있는 유사한 기능과 조건,  판매 비교,  최근 판매 된 집, 등의  포괄적 인 시장 분석을받는 혜택을  전문 브로커로 부터 무료로 누릴 수 있습니다.  당신이 믿을 수있는 결과 -  미국 최고의 부동산 회사 콜드웰 벵커 Joyce Kim  은  당신의 집  평가 CMA 리포트와   우수한 결과를 제공합니다.  

유익한 정보를 한눈에 보는 CMA  비교 시장 분석, 오늘 바로 무료로  상담 하십시요.      


Listing Presentations  

CLICK HERE  to  check your home value and ask the broker for CMA. 



Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)


CMA  A Comparative Market Analysis is an evaluation of similar, recently sold homes which called "Comparables" that are near a home that you want to buy or sell. Brokers  perform a CMA to establish a fair price range for the home under consideration. The price range from the CMA can then be used as a guide for deciding on an offer price or a listing price. 

Performing a CMA  involves finding homes that are similar to the home being bought or sold, and conducting an in-depth comparison of its size, age, location, and features. It all boils down to one question : compared to other, comparable homes in this area, how much is this home worth? Answering that question involves looking at a fair amount of data on other homes in the current market.

The process:   Defining criteria for selecting comparables, Determine a list of quality comparables, Evaluate the comparables, Adjust comparable values for differences in size, condition, location,  Estimate the value of your  home price. 

CMA   Features include: 

아래는 리스팅시 미국부동산 전문 브로커 드Joyce Kim 이 드리는 Listing  Presentation  "Cloud  CMA"  입니다.  

 CMA : Stunning reports by Broker Joyce Kim. ASK for   Cloud CMA today!  Proprietary listing presentation materials. 



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